Arbitrator – Expert – Adviser - Educator – Support


  • Serving as Arbitrator or Presiding Arbitrator in either ad hoc or institutional arbitration proceedings.


  • Preparing expert legal reports and/or oral testimony for use in arbitration, judicial, or administrative proceedings.


  • Advising parties and law offices about arbitration or dispute resolution strategy, from the selection and appointment of an arbitrator to the preparation of post-hearing submissions and cost claims.
  • Providing early case evaluation services.
  • Providing mock arbitration services.


  • Preparing and presenting innovative courses, lectures, and seminars in:
    • comparative law,
    • investment law,
    • international arbitration,
    • international procedure, and
    • oral and written legal advocacy.

Administrative Support

  • Providing administrative support to arbitral tribunals by acting as Tribunal Secretary or Tribunal Assistant. These services are available to institutions hosting international arbitration proceedings, as well as to ad hoc arbitral tribunals.
  • Dr. Simpson and SDR are registered World Bank Group Vendors.