Arbitration is a private, out-of-court dispute resolution process where the parties empower a neutral third person to render a final decision that resolves their dispute.  The arbitrator has a duty to consider the arguments and facts presented by each side, and to render an enforceable award.

The arbitration process belongs to the parties and is managed and facilitated by the arbitrator.  Dr. Simpson believes that the arbitrator's role is to foster a fair an efficient process that enables each party to present his or her case, and to receive a timely, enforceable resolution.

As arbitrator, Dr. Simpson has resolved a range of high and low value international disputes.  She also participates in initiatives to relieve COVID-stressed court dockets by encouraging parties to move low value disputes to arbitration.


In a "Mock" arbitration, the client presents the case and the potential arguments of opposing counsel to a mock arbitrator or arbitration panel.  The structure mirrors true arbitration proceedings but is meant as a practice or case preparation exercise.

Following the close of the case presentation, Simpson Dispute Resolution will provide oral and written comments regarding the briefs, oral arguments, and case presentation.  A mock award may also be prepared.

A full mock arbitration may be best for late in the document exchange process or shortly thereafter.  Mock proceedings can be performed in advance of each round of written submissions, as needed.  The entire mock arbitration can be tailored to the client's needs.


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Dr. Simpson has over 12 years of experience supporting Tribunals in complex, international, and investor-state cases, valued at up to $2.5 billion.

Dr. Simpson has been involved in international commercial and investment arbitrations chaired by Prof. Karl-Heinz Bockstiegel, Prof. William W. (Rusty) Park, Ms. Edna Sussman, Prof. Homer C. La Rue, and others.  Several of these cases have become the most influential cases of the past decade, including Bear Creek v. Peru (ICSID 14/21) (elaborating the need for a "social license" to conduct business), UP v. Hungary (ICSID 13/35) (Global Arbitration Review's (GAR) "Most Important Award" of 2019, regarding the Achmea Decision's impact on ICSID jurisdiction), and Mobil Cerro Negro v. PDVSA (ICC) (shortlisted as GAR's "Most Influential Damages Award", 2012).  

Dr. Simpson has experience in cases administered by the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), American Arbitration Association (AAA), Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), German Arbitration Association (DIS), Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC), International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), and Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).  She has also been involved in complex international ad hoc disputes in the international oil and gas industry, under the UNCITRAL Rules (2010). 


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